Hmong​ Movie​ Kov xovtooj ncaws dab ntub nris thiaj mag xauj mis A lucky day

  • Diupload pada 30 Okt 2018

    This video is made by the story: Girls sleft/tired because work with phone so hard.

    Note: This video is suitable for upper age + 18 years old. If you under 18 years old, please don't watch it.

    The possible for key learning of this video:
    - If possible don't try to work hard with your phone, you will tired and sleep well till risk.
    - Whilst tired and sleep well you can also have a bad dream, then you will lose control yourself when a men approach.
    - If you sleep at field you will risk to lose not only body but also your potential devices....etc.
    - Use phone for the right way, for business, contact.......etc but don't have to work with phone more than 12 hours a day.
    - Man can illegal/ go to jail if you try to make harassment for women like this video.
    - Please learn the good way or only opposite way on the video.

    Thanks so much for everyone all you support: Subscribe, Comment, Share, Like...... etc.

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